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Although Rice had a poor performance 가상축구핸디 경기 against Tennessee in week 2, he still managed to amass 96 total yards and a score. Against an ailing Rams squad that has battled to stop anyone through the first two weeks, Rice could have a big day as one of the most reliable fantasy backs in the NFL.

Adrian Peterson is a well-known figure in the world

Despite Peterson’s 218 rushing yards and two rushing scores in his first two games, the Vikings have struggled to get going. Even when the rest of the offense falters, Peterson remains astonishingly reliable. As a result of the lack of passing threat provided by McNabb, the Vikings will rely more on Peterson to shorten the game against the Lions’ powerful offense. He will also play a big role in the passing game if they fall behind.

Rashard Mendenhall is 가상축구핸디 배팅 a professional ice hockey player.

Owners of Mendenhall’s virtual soccer team are beginning to be concerned about the fact that the Steelers’ Isaac Redman is getting more carries this week. It was still an encouraging day for him, with a touchdown, and he should take advantage of a terrible Colts defense that was easily defeated by Peyton Hillis in week 2 if he wants to get back on track. To cement himself as Pittsburgh’s primary running back, Mendenhall is expected to have a successful day.

Mike Tolbert is a well-known and well-respect

Another athlete, Tolbert, failed to live up to expectations in the second week of the season. His reception total of 73 yards was good news. Against a Kansas City defense that has surrendered 89 points in each of its first two games, he and the Chargers’ offense should put up large virtual soccer points numbers. Tolbert should score at least one goal-line touchdown against Kansas City’s poor goal-line defense, which contrasts sharply with New England’s. 가상축구 배팅 – tobog soccer

McCoy, 토토 가상축구핸디 LeSean

He suffered a hand injury in Sunday’s game against the Falcons, but McCoy says he will be fit to face the Giants on Monday. Atlanta, he also carried for 95 yards and tallied two touchdowns. Even though the Giants are a division foe and still have an aggressive defensive line, their linebackers are practically all out with injury. McCoy will have an easier time finding and accelerating through rushing lanes because of the injuries to this team. He plans to take advantage of this weakness on a high-profile day.

Daniel Thomas is a potential sleeper.

After missing the first game, this rookie had an impressive debut, running for 101 yards against the Texans. When Reggie Bush can’t handle being a full-time back, as he did in New Orleans, Thomas will continue to get more playing time. He will split time with Reggie Bush.

Week 2 Wide Receiver Picks in Weekly Fantasy Football

Andre Johnson

Week 1 wasn’t Johnson’s best virtual soccer week, but it was because the Texans rushed for two short touchdowns and didn’t need to throw the ball. When the Texans open up the offense more, Johnson will be a force to be reckoned with. Tom Brady had a record-breaking night 메이저 가상축구핸디 against the Dolphins’ pass defense in week one. Despite their expected improvement, Matt Schaub will exploit Miami’s defense by relying heavily on Johnson as his favorite target.

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Calvin Johnson,

It’s no surprise that the Lions are a popular “sleeper” pick. Stafford and Johnson are practically unbeatable as long as they stay healthy. Tampa Bay’s defense was well-prepared, but they were beaten still, and both players will shine against a defense that was unable to stop Ryan Fitzpatrick. After losing Eric Berry to a ruptured ACL, the Kansas City defense could be even worse this week.

Greg Jennings 사설 가상축구핸디 is a well-known journalist.

The Packer’s offense is unstoppable, and this week’s matchup against a weak Carolina pass defense could allow them to flex even more. For virtual soccer purposes, the main concern is that they have so many weapons that any one player could have an off week because his teammates score so much. Jennings, on the other hand, is Aaron Rodgers’ primary receiver and should have a strong week.

Miles Austin

Austin still managed to get 90 yards and a touchdown despite a top-notch Jets pass defense. The San Francisco defense, which required two late kick returns to beat a mediocre Seattle squad, should allow him to go above and beyond that. In week two, I believe Romo will rebound and the Cowboys’ offense as a whole will score a lot of fantasy points.

Brandon Lloyd is a professional ice hockey player.

Despite their poor record, the Broncos will remain relevant for one more week if they can defeat a Bengals squad that is even worse. While Brandon Lloyd was the NFL’s leading receiver last season, it seems unlikely that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would start every game.

Mike Wallace 온라인 가상축구핸디 is a snoozer.

After losing to the Baltimore Ravens in week one, the Steelers have a good chance of bouncing back in week two. We may expect worse from the Seahawks against Pittsburgh after they surrendered big plays against the 49ers led by Alex Smith. Wallace is too fast for them in the secondary, and they won’t be able to keep up. Big plays are expected.

Scott and Jim Leonhard as his replacements, the team lost much of its sparkle this off-season. The Ravens will feel Ryan’s absence, and it will be interesting to see if they can move forward without him. LB Don’t expect the same level of domination from this team that you witnessed in the early to mid-2000s if you choose them. The Ravens kicker position is in flux following the departure of Matt Stover. Training camp begins in July, and rookies Graham Gotto and Steve Hauschka will compete for the starting job. There are superior choices at kicker for 2009 regardless of the outcome of this battle.

Except for the DST, no Ravens player appears to be virtual soccer starter material coming into 2009, and even then, expectations should be kept low because the unit is elderly and also missing its leader Ryan. My analysis of the AFC North’s virtual soccer potential for 2009 has come to an end. That leaves me with the AFC West and none other than my beloved Oakland Raiders.