ESRD Network 12 Patient Advisory Council’s (PAC) PACtivate 2019 Summit was held on Oct. 11 and 12. Incoming PAC members joined our existing PAC to celebrate the Network’s successes in 2019 and worked together to discuss ideas to improve the patient experience of care. The PAC advises the Network on our Quality Improvement Activities, patient engagement and educational activities. This year, we also recognized our first Ardyth M. Boucher Legacy Award winner during a dinner celebration. We are proud to announce the award winner, Susan (Susie) Atterberg, nominated by Southeastern Renal Dialysis Center of Lee County in Keokuk, Iowa. Susan has hosted an annual event to raise funds to support the patients at the dialysis center, sharing her time and talents to improve the lives of the patients in her community. She is truly an example of Ardy’s legacy of advocacy. We are happy that Susie has also agreed to join the PAC and will be sharing her insight to improve the lives of patients throughout our Network.

Susan Atterberg and Mike Ashley (pictured). Mike Ashley, PAC member and good friend of Ardy, presented the Ardyth M. Boucher Legacy Award to Susan Atterberg on Oct. 11.