What is a CCN?

CCN stands for CMS Certification Number. The CMS Certification Number (CCN) is the organization’s Medicare Provider Number and is required for Medicare reimbursement.
The CCNs contain 6 digits, with the first two identifying the State in which the provider is located and the last four digits identify the type of facility. For reference, Iowa facilities start with 16, Kansas 17, Missouri 25 or 26, and Nebraska 28.

When do I need to provide my CCN?

CMS, the State Agencies and the Network all use the CCN to identify facilities. Any time you contact the Network, please have your CCN ready and provide it so that we can easily and quickly assist you with your request. It may be helpful to keep it near the phone so that anyone from your facility will have it handy.
If you need help identifying your CCN, please contact the Network.