놀이터 creating a playground that is safe for my children to play

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If your kids are having fun in the yard, the squeals and yells they make aren’t indicative of discomfort or accident, and then you can take comfort in knowing that they are happy and healthy. Not a dangerous zone, but a great location to play and exercise outside. A location where young children may burn off their limitless energy is as important as providing them with the physical advantages of exercise, motor skill development, and fresh air 메이저 놀이터.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 200,000 children and their families are injured each year because of hazardous playgrounds and playground equipment. About 51,000 of these injuries are caused by playground equipment on private property; the remainder occurs on public property. Falls are the most common cause of injury. Unfortunately, around 15 children die each year from various causes, most of them are related to strangling.

You have the power to protect your children.

It’s a good thing that these catastrophes can be avoided. Playground design and upkeep can help keep young children safe (안전 놀이터) if they are accompanied by attentive adult supervision.

Playground safety should be practiced at all times, including at home, school, and the park.

This short training was created to help you recognize potential hazards in playgrounds. Precautions in your own play space allow you to regain control at home. In addition, you should reevaluate other playgrounds to see whether they have any of the same risks. Insufficient cushioning for falls, no guardrails, head entrapment dangers, and other injury-causing hazards are a few examples.



Protective Surfacing For Cushioned Falls

Fall-related accidents account for approximately 60% of all injuries on the playground, therefore a protective surface around and around all playground equipment is important to reducing the risk of catastrophic head injuries. Because a fall-induced head injury can be fatal, the more shock-absorbing a surface can be, the lower the risk of serious damage.

Even with the best playground surfacing, there may always be accidents caused by falling objects majortocass.com – (안전놀이터).

What to Stay Away From

Cement or asphalt should not be used at all. Falls on asphalt and concrete can cause severe head injuries and even death in the worst-case scenario. Playground equipment should not be used on these surfaces.

Stay away from the dirt and grass. Due to usage and environmental factors, grass and lawns lose some of their shock-absorbing capabilities over time. Steer clear of soils and compacted dirt. Protective surfacing should be used at all times.

What’s the best approach to take (메이저 안전 놀이터)?

Materials for loose-fill paving. You can use double-shredded bark mulch, tire-shredded mulch, wood chips, fine sand, or gravel-shredded mulch. Shock absorption increases linearly with depth. Installing loose-fill materials over asphalt or concrete is a no-no.

Synthetic surfaces that have been manufactured in a lab. Rubber mats or tiles, rubber over foam mats or tiles, and poured-in-place urethane and rubber compositions are examples of this type of flooring. Although the initial investment is more expensive, there is less need for ongoing upkeep. Be careful to request shock absorption test results from the product’s maker. Depending on the material, it may be necessary to place it over a firm surface.

What Is the Appropriate Amount to Use?

If you’re doing your landscaping with loose-fill material, make sure to keep the depth constant at least 6 inches. It’s best to go with anything between 9 and 12 inches in height. According to the CPSC, fine sand and gravel’s cushioning advantages rise by 12 inches.

What’s the difference between a buffer zone and a safe zone?

Under and around every piece of equipment where a kid may fall, create a safety zone coated with protective surface material. In all directions, the protective surface material should reach at least 6 feet from the equipment’s perimeter. Other equipment and impediments that might harm a kid must be removed from this location to prevent further injury from a fall.

Create an Excavation Pit

There must be a way to confine loose-Fill material (such as a retaining barrier or an excavated pit) such as sand, fine gravel, mulch, and wood chips. Periodic renewal or replacement, as well as continual maintenance (e.g. leveling and grading, sifting), are required to keep the depth constant and eliminate foreign materials.

Periodically swap out the loose fill.

Decomposition, pulverization, and compacting are all caused by wet weather, cold temperatures, regular use, and contamination. Before it becomes brittle, make careful to replace or refresh it.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Gravel and Sand

Sand, despite its low cost, is the least desired material. Outside of your confinement area, sand can readily disperse. When wet, it hardens rapidly, is abrasive to floors, and serves as a litter box for animals. For this reason, it’s recommended to use sand or crushed stone instead of gravel 안전 놀이터 순위모음.

Zones Defined for Swinging

Sets with swings need to be well-anchored. On either side of the support structure, there should be a 6-foot buffer zone with a protected surface for swings. The area in front and behind the swing should be significantly bigger, extending out at least twice as far as the swing’s height, measured from the ground to the swing hangers on the support structure.

The Swing Spacing Rules

Swings should not be placed too close together or too close to support structures to prevent injuries from the collision. The distance between hanging swings and the support structure should be at least 8 inches. There should be at least 8 inches of space between the ground and the underside of the swing seat.

The greatest way to protect your child from harm is to establish a protective barrier around him or her. Continue reading for more information on equipment safety.

If you’re not handy, hire a contractor. Playgrounds that have been poorly constructed might provide an additional hazard.

Regular inspections of playgrounds are essential (안전 놀이터 가입). Maintain the correct level of protective surfacing by inspecting it often, especially loose-fill. To avoid injury, the following problems must be addressed, eliminated, or mended as soon as possible:

Footings of equipment that’s been left out in the open.

A jumble of trash, dirt, gravel, or even tree roots might be found scattered over an area.

Paint and rust spots on metal parts.

Cracks, splinters, and rotten wood are all present.

Destruction and corrosion of structural elements that attach to and support the earth.

  1. Missing or broken safety devices including handholds, guardrails, and swing seats. Guardrails should be installed on any platforms that are higher than 30 inches from the ground.
  2. It is important to avoid opening doors that are too small or too large, especially if the doors are closed on both sides. Head entrapment and strangulation hazards exist in openings between 3′ 1/2″ and 9″.
  3. If there are exposed moving elements that might squeeze or crush someone, remove them immediately.
  4. Bicycle helmets can become trapped in gaps in playground equipment, causing suffocation or hanging if worn on the playground.
  5. Do Not Allow Children to Play in Loose or Stringy Clothes. Children can be suffocated by garment strings, loose clothing, and objects tied around their necks on playground equipment.
  6. Always keep an eye on your youngster and teach him or her about safe play. Teach your child not to play or go too close to a swing that is moving, and to never attach ropes to play equipment.
  7. When you start from the ground up, it’s easy to make your playground safe 안전 놀이터 리스트.
  8. Use safety equipment and keep your play area clean by installing protective surfaces on the ground and applying regular maintenance.