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improving relationships

Patient Engagement – Topic of the Month

Heartland Kidney Network is committed to assisting facilities in meeting the CMS and Network goal of improving patient engagement at the facility level. In 2018, the Network is incorporating patient engagement into all of our Quality Improvement Activities and we will be continuing the “Share How You Care” initiative. We will continue to gather and share the wonderful ways facilities are engaging their patients through the Patient Engagement Showcase.  We ask that every facility share at least one activity throughout the year.

The Network is incorporating patient engagement into all our quality improvement activities and committed to developing resources to support facility level patient engagement through several projects including:

Monthly Topic Sheets

Each month we will providing ideas specific to the next month’s topic highlighted in the MY KIDNEY CALENDAR. We encourage you to work with your Network Patient Representative (NPR) in this endeavor and will be sharing the resource information during the monthly NPR Connection Calls.

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