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Update Your CROWNWeb Personnel List

Update Your CROWNWeb Personnel List

Executive Summary on Policy Change

Effective May 1, 2015, the Network will use only personnel data contained in the Personnel section of CROWNWeb.  The designated facility representative at your unit will receive an email of personnel currently in CROWNWeb and we ask that you make any corrections or additions by May 1st.  Transplant and Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) dialysis units who have no access to CROWNWeb may fax or email their corrections back to the Network for entry into CROWNWeb.


For years, Heartland Kidney Network has maintained a contact list with the dialysis and transplant community. With the advent of CROWNWeb three years ago, the ability for each center to directly enter and maintain personnel data has existed.  The Networks did not promote maintaining the personnel listing because, until recently, we had no way of getting the information from CROWNWeb.


It has become imperative for Networks to have an efficient and accurate channel of communications to you!  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to increase its focus on quality improvement projects through various means such as:

  • The Quality Incentive Program (QIP);
  • NHSN-CDC infection control programs;
  • Improvement in CROWN data entry metrics to support quality improvement studies;
  • Disaster planning; and
  • Patient grievances and facility contacts.

In the past the Network requested updated personnel information from units on a quarterly basis, but at best, received only a 20% response; the Network often found itself unable to contact the right person in a timely manner.

Monthly Monitoring and Attestation

In May, the Network will start sending email to the designated facility representative and other personnel listed in CROWNWeb for general communication purposes, including a monthly facility newsletter and CROWNWeb data feedback reports.

Plus twice a year, the Network will ask the facility representative to complete a very brief environmental scan attesting that they have reviewed the personnel data in CROWNWeb and have made any necessary changes.

Facility Personnel Update Instructions

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