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Patient Engagement in 2017

Patient Engagement in 2017

Heartland Kidney Network is committed to assisting clinics in meeting the CMS and Network goal of improving patient engagement at the clinic level.  Evidence continues to grow supporting the premise that patients who take an active role in their health care actually have better health outcomes and can incur less medical costs compared to their unengaged counterpart[1]. Key “engagement” behaviors have been identified by the Center for Advancing Care in their Engagement Behavior Framework and include communicate with health care professionals, make good treatment decisions (gather information and ask questions about various treatment options), participate in treatment, and seek health knowledge[2].

The Network is incorporating patient engagement into all our quality improvement activities and to develop resources to assist facilities in engaging their patients at the facility level. The “My Life, My Choices: Knowledge is Power” project resources continue to be supported with a new 2017 My Kidney Calendar soon to be distributed. The expectation is that all facilities in the Network offer a copy to each patient and use the MY KIDNEY KIT for patient engagement with a minimum of 10% of patients.  The My Clinic Plan offers ideas for assessment, planning and implementation of facility patient engagement activities. This plan includes ideas shared by facilities throughout the Network. Additional programs and resources such as the Network Patient Representative and “All About You Review” Plan of Care Toolkit and “My Journey with Kidney Disease” patient video are also available help facilitate patient engagement.

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[2] Centers for Advancing Health. A new definition of patient engagement: what is engagement and why is it important? (2010). Washington, D.C.

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