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Sneak Peak - Big DQM Changes Coming

Sneak Peak - Big DQM Changes Coming

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon be releasing a built in Dashboard for CROWNWeb. This dashboard will be the first thing a CROWNWeb user sees every time they log into CROWNWeb. The dashboard contains all of the DQM (Data Quality Management) reports that are currently emailed to the facility, BUT they will be “live” reports that update as you resolve missing or incomplete data in CROWNWeb. Plus, when you view the lists of affected patients, you can jump right to the relevant section in CROWNWeb for that patient to make the changes.

The OCT/ folks are creating training materials now, and they will be sending out official emails to announce training sessions and the official release date for the new Dashboard. Expect to see those emails sometime in May. Once the CROWN Facility Dashboard goes live, we will cease emailing the weekly and monthly DQM emails.

Below is a sample of what the Dashboard looks like with dummy patients.



Change in DQM Policy on Missing Forms

As you know, Heartland Kidney Network, along with several other ESRD Networks have a feature in our DQM Emailing database to mark 2728 and 2746 Forms as “not obtainable” if you truly cannot get them. This was always a local policy, and not CMS’ stand on missing forms. The new CROWNWeb Dashboard does not have that functionality. If you have a 2728 that you simply cannot get for whatever reason, that form will continue to show on the list of “Past Due Forms”. We recommend that you save this Not Obtainable Form spreadsheet to your computer for use so that you don’t keep researching the same form every time you work on missing forms.

We at the Network will also take your internally managed "Not Obtainable Spreadsheet" into consideration when evaluating your performance on reducing outstanding counts on the new CROWNWeb dashboard. We are still figuring the details of that process out right now.

Effective immediately you will no longer need to send us a list of “not obtainable” forms as we are ceasing that function in preparation for the new CROWNWeb dashboard. Of course CMS still expects all facilities to make every effort to keep missing or incomplete data caught up in CROWNWeb.

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