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Cannulation Toolkit Available for Loan

Cannulation Toolkit Available for Loan

The toolkit contains:

  • Heartland Kidney Network DVD "On how to set up your cannulation arm"
  • Hemodialysis cannulation practice arm
  • DVD player for watching training videos
  • Fistula First DVD "Cannulation of the Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF)"
  • Fistula First DVD "Creating AV Fistulae in All Eligible Hemodialysis Patients"
  • Northwest Renal Network’s booklet "On Course with Cannulation"
  • Fistula First sample "Cannulation of New Fistula" policy and procedure
  • Fistula First Cannulation Resources for Staff
  • References for Buttonhole Technique
  • Fistula First CD "Atlas of Dialysis Vascular Access.
  • Pre-training test
  • Post-training test

The Nurse Educator is encouraged to use the materials within the kit to enhance the internal training process at the facility.

Call Heartland Kidney Network to request the Cannulation toolkit for your facility. We loan it to your facility for at least two weeks at no charge to you. To request the cannulation toolkit, download, complete, and fax the cannulation loan agreement form to the number provided on the form.

Questions? Call Sharlyn Bogner at 816-880-1706 or send an email to

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