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Join the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program Today!

Join the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program Today!

Program Overview

Heartland Kidney Network would like to invite you to participate in the Network’s 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program. The program, developed in 2008 by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition and the ESRD Network of New England is designed to assist dialysis facilities in improving both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas. There are 14 web-based educational modules addressing all aspects of patient safety. For each module successfully completed, the facility is awarded a “diamond” culminating in special recognition for 5-Diamond facilities.

The program is entirely web-based and can be accessed at All users must register on the site as either a program participant or as a “view only” user and indicate their Network affiliation (Heartland Kidney Network is Network 12). All modules include objectives, required activities, tools and resources, and optional activities. The only mandatory module is the Patient Safety Principles module. After completing a module, the facility completes and submits the required reporting form online; forms are reviewed and approved by the Network prior to awarding a Diamond. Facilities must agree to maintain complete documentation for each module for a period of one year and are subject to a random audit to verify module completion.

All participants will receive recognition on the national 5-Diamond website and will have access to online print-ready certificates recognizing the facility’s diamond status. Those that achieve 5-Diamond status will be honored during the annual Heartland Kidney Conference and recognized at the Annual Business Meeting.

The program is endorsed by the American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (ANNA), the National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA), and the Renal Physician’s Association (RPA).

We hope that you will consider participating in the program and achieve 5-Diamond Patient Safety status. Please contact the Ellie Vail at the Network with any questions at or 816-880-1709.

How to get your facility involved:


Everyone needs to first register and provide some basic information. You can register as a participant or as “view only”. If you register as “view only” it will allow you to access all of the modules and tools without actually participating in the program. The system will also ask for your 6 digit provider number.

  • Your user name will be your email address. If you are a staff member that organizes the 5-Diamond Program at multiple facilities, you will have to use a different email/username for each account you create.
  • Passwords are required and must be 6 characters with one non-alpha/numeric character (i.e. #, %, !, etc.). The Network will not have access to your password, so it is important to keep track of it. If you should forget your password, notify the website and you will automatically be provided an option to select a new password.
  • Once your registration is submitted, you will receive an email acknowledgement.
  • Get started today at


When registration is complete, you may access the site through the log-in tab. After log-in, the “Registration” tab will now appear as the “Participants” tab, which is where you will be able to access all of the training modules. It is recommended that you start with the Patient Safety Principles module since it is the only required module. From there it is up to you to choose which modules your facility is most interested in. After 5 modules are complete (including the mandatory Patient Safety Principles) you will be notified by email and can then download your facility’s certificate.

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