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Network Patient Representative (NPR) Program

Network Patient Representative (NPR) Program

What is the NPR program?

Heartland Kidney Network’s Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) developed the Network Patient Representative (NPR) program to help spread educational information, improve communication between patients and staff, and provide patients with additional support from a fellow patient. The Network’s NPR program is made up of NPRs from across Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Who are NPRs?

NPRs are individuals that are on dialysis or have had a kidney transplant. They volunteer at their dialysis clinic working with staff to help improve the patient experience and share patient education. NPRs can also serve as peer mentors to fellow patients by sharing their experiences and providing support and encouragement. NPRs are role models in their clinic because of their positive outlook and their desire to learn as much about their kidney disease and treatment as they can to improve their quality of life. The NPR volunteers also serve as experts for the Network in developing projects and resources to improve patient care.

NPR Responsibilities:

  • Share educational materials from the Network and their clinic with other patients (such as posting info on a bulletin board
  • Be available to give support to new and current patients by phone, email, or in-person
  • Join the monthly NPR Connection Call the first Tuesday of the month to receive Network updates and to discuss ideas with other NPRs
  • Refer patients with questions or concerns to appropriate clinic staff (avoid giving medical advice)

If you are a patient interested in becoming an NPR, talk to your facility staff about getting involved. Complete the Patient Interest Form, then choose a staff member who knows you well to fill out the Staff Nomination Form. You may access both application forms below. If you are a dialysis clinic staff member and know of a patient who would be a great NPR for your clinic, print out the complete NPR Overview & Application packet and share it with that patient. Both application forms can be faxed to 816-880-9088.

For more information or questions, please contact Ellie Vail Brent at or call 816-880-1709. If you are a patient, you may call the Network toll free at 1-800-444-9965. 

NPR program overview
NPR Statement of Interest Form (required to be filled out by patient)
NPR Staff Nomination Form (required to be completed by a staff member. Staff members may type directly into this form and print it)
Complete NPR Overview & Application Packet

NPR Status Questionnaire

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