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Resource for Transplant Education and Financial Assistance

Resource for Transplant Education and Financial Assistance

The Transplant Experience

 The Transplant Experience is a FREE program that can help you learn more about pre-transplant, living well with your transplant and planning ahead. By joining you receive:

  •  Welcome Kit: personal treatment journal, inspirational video, and medication organizer
  • Regular Updates: quarterly newsletters, e-mails and videos, booklets on key topics, plus tools and advice for living healthy

You must be 18 years of age or older to join the Transplant Experience program.

Transplant Living

 A service of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS or 888-894-6361).

This resource offers information:

  • Before the Transplant includes articles on topics such as: Organ Facts, Waiting for Transplant, and Financing a Transplant
  • Community includes information on Support Groups, Patient Resources and Stories of Hope
  • After the Transplant includes information on Recovery Resources, Lifestyle Changes and Medications
  • Pediatric includes information to Help Your Child Adjust, Addressing Their Needs and Coping With Anxiety
  • Living Donation includes Facts, Types, How to become a donor, and Financing Living Donation

Medication & Financial Assistance Programs

The application process, criteria, funding amounts and availability vary for each program. More programs may be available in your area, ask your clinic Social Worker for more information.

The American Kidney Fund

  • Information on Kidney Disease and Treatment Options
  • Patient Assistance Programs: Patient Services department 1-800-638-8299
  •  Help with health insurance premiums and treatment-related expenses
  • Talk with your social worker to apply for these programs
  •  A HelpLine 866-300-2900 (Se habla Español)
  • Programs for Children (Summer Enrichment and Calendar Kids Art Contest)

Patient Access Network Foundation

The Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN) facilitates access to medical treatment for patients with chronic or life-threatening illness. PAN is dedicated to overcoming financial and other barriers to treatment, and works efficiently and collaboratively to help patients receive prescribed treatments and the care that best meets their needs. Since October 2004, PAN has awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in co-payment assistance to patients in need. or 1-866-316-PANF (7263)

Needy Meds

This non-profit organization helps you find help with the cost of medicine. NeedyMeds' mission is to be the best source of accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on programs that help people facing problems paying for medications and health care; to assist those in need in applying to programs; and to provide health-related education using innovative methods. 

Healthwell Foundation

The HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to cover coinsurance, copayments, health care premiums and deductibles for certain medications and therapies. If you've been prescribed a medication and your insurance company covers it, but you still cannot afford the coinsurance or copayment required, we may be able to help you by paying for part of your costs associated with the medication. Also, if you are eligible for health insurance, but cannot afford the insurance premium, we may be able to help with your insurance premium. or 800-675-8416

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