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transplant referral

Increase Transplant Waitlist

Patients with kidney failure have several different treatment options. One of those options is getting a kidney transplant. This page contains information about transplantation, including living donation, expanded criteria kidneys from deceased donors, podcasts from real transplant patients, and resources that can help patients make the personal decision to begin the journey of the Seven Steps to Kidney Transplant

Seven Steps to Kidney Transplant

  1. Patient suitability for transplant
  2. Patient interest in transplant
  3. Referral call to transplant center
  4. First visit to transplant center
  5. Transplant center work-up
  6. Successful transplant candidate
  7. On waiting list or evaluation of potential living donor

If your facility is in the Transplant Waitlist QIA Project, please log in to Providers.Exchange (P.E) for project specific resources, reporting links, data and summary reports.

Providers.Exchange (P.E)

Providers.Exchange, or P.E., is Qsource – Heartland Kidney Network’s facility portal. All Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) resources and facility specific monthly reports are loaded there. Your facility’s Medicare CCN is the log in ID, and you can obtain the password from your clinic manager.

If you have problems logging in, please contact Qsource – Heartland Kidney Network at 816-880-9990 for assistance.

General Transplant Resources

Transplant Baseball

Use the Heartland Kidney Network’s Transplant Baseball Playbook, Game 2 and Game 3 to educate patients and staff about transplantation in a fun way.

Transplant Baseball – Playbook


  • You are coached with helpful transplant information and resources by collecting the baseball cards from the Transplant Playbook, Game 2 and Game 3.


  • The Transplant Playbook
    • Helps you to determine which patients would benefit by having your dialysis facility coach them through the bases of transplant so that they can be listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) transplant wait list.
    • Assists you in creating a fun message/tracking board as your patients progress through bases of transplantation.

Transplant Baseball – Game 2


  • Keep track of your plays as you run the bases to transplant by using the Play Sheet for Base Runners.
  • Need a place to write down your questions and trying to score big? Use the Player’s Scorecard.
  • Collect more baseball cards. Write down your Game Plan.


  • Print out the Play Sheet for Base Runners for you and the patients you are coaching.
  • Keep all of your Play Sheet for Base Runners in one play book for coaching them to transplant.

Transplant Baseball – Game 3


  • Collect the last series of baseball cards.


  • Have you provided the full series of baseball cards to your patients?
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