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Medical Review Board

Medical Review Board

Medical Review Board (“MRB”)

Each MRB shall perform the following functions:
(1) ensuring the fulfillment of the contract requirements under each Network’s contract, as established by CMS;
(2) oversee and review the care of ESRD patients within each such Network;
(3) oversee all quality improvement and information management activities of ESRD providers in such Network;
(4) serve as an advisory panel to its Network on the care of ESRD patients in its Network area; and
(5) serve as the primary advisory panel for the development, implementation and evaluation of its Network’s quality improvement activities and initiatives. Report to the ESRD Network Board of Directors at least semi-annually, or as otherwise directed by the ESRD Network Board of Directors or the Corporation’s Board of Trustees.

The Medical Review Board shall consist of fourteen (14) to sixteen (16) members to include:
5 Renal Physicians
1 Transplant Physician
1 Pediatric Renal Physician
1 ESRD Nurse
1 ESRD Social Worker
1 ESRD Dietitian
1 ESRD Facility Administrator
1 Technician
2 to 4 ESRD Patients (Elected by the Patient Advisory


Complete List of Board Members

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