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About the Heartland Kidney Network

About the Heartland Kidney Network

What We Are

Heartland Kidney Network is a non-profit corporation under contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to oversee the End Stage Renal Disease Program in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. There are 17 other Networks with the same purpose across the United States. We are incorporated under the name "End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) #12 Network Coordinating Council, Inc." doing business as "Heartland Kidney Network".

Who We Are

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Shane Perry
Executive Director


Areas of responsibility:
Financial Management, Government Liaison, Renal Community Liaison, Personnel Management.


Debbie Ulm
Associate Director


Areas of responsibility:
Board Liaison, General information calls, Special Projects support, meeting planning.


Jeff Arnall, PMP
Director of Projects


Areas of responsibility:
Computer Administration, Web Master, System & Data integrity, Data Requests, Annual Facility Surveys, Annual Report tables, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.


DeeDee Velasquez-Peralta, LMSW
Patient Services Manager


Areas of responsibility:
Patient Complaints & Grievances, Patient Information and Education, Emergency Preparedness Activities, Facility Staff & Patient Newsletter, Facility & Patient Education, Other Supportive Services to the renal community.


Allison Raggio, MS
Patient Services Coordinator


Areas of responsibility:
Patient Complaints & Grievances, Community Information & Resource Management, Patient & Facility Information,  Education & Technical Assistance.


Sharlyn Bogner, MSN, RN, CNN, CCTC
Quality Improvement Director


Areas of responsibility:
Quality Improvement Initiatives, Process Improvement, USRDS Studies Coordination, Facility and Staff information, Facility Regulation information.

Sandy Cannon
Health Information Specialist


Areas of responsibility:
2728 Medical Evidence and 2746 Death Notice forms entry, compliance and retrieval, Vision software contact for "how do I do this" questions, Monthly Patient Activity Reports (PARs), Quarterly Patient Rosters, Facility Services & Personnel data maintenance, Annual Facility Surveys.

Christian Hamilton
Quality Improvement Systems Specialist


Areas of responsibility:
Quality Improvement Initiatives, Facility Regulation information, NHSN, and QIP.


Ellie Vail, MPH


Areas of responsibility:
5-Diamond, Community Information & Resource, Patient & Facility Information, Patient Advisory Committee (PAC).




Areas of responsibility:
General administrative support, Mail and Facsimile communications.

Heartland Kidney Network

For a listing of staff and direct contact numbers, see the About Us tab

Main phone: (816) 880-9990
Patient toll free: (800) 444-9965
Fax: (816) 880-9088

920 Main St. Suite 801
Kansas City, MO 64105